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Peter Spellos, acting/comedy teacher and career coach

Artistic Director/Founder, New Mercury Theatre Company, NY & LA

Peter Spellos is the epitome of a creative artist…He's smart, hysterical, compassionate, generous and seriously, no kidding, dedicated to the craft of acting. It's seductive to be around him.  You become better in every way. I have.


- Barbara Deutsch, Entertainment Industry Consultant

I have had nothing but the extreme pleasure of knowing Peter Spellos’ work both in front of the lens and as a director since 2001. His counsel, guidance and influence on myself and countless others, is without question in a word; invaluable. Whether he’s serving colleagues as director, or acting in a scene with them, Peter’s love and respect for the craft is more than evident and nothing short of generous to a fault. More than all this is his ability to perpetually instill hope in all those with whom he works. I will state without reservation, that I would work with Peter Spellos either with him at the helm, or as an actress across the table from him, anywhere, anytime and on any project with which he is involved.


- Marlo Bernier, Director, Jackie Frost Films, Los Angeles

"A remarkable teacher who is able to pinpoint what is holding back each of his students..."

I had the honour of working with Peter Spellos as his Playwright in Residence in the late 1990’s.  This was perhaps the most inspiring, creative and productive period in my writing development—due very much in part to Peter’s perspective on the craft.  His dedication and commitment to creativity, collaboration, community, and expression of things often inexpressible are fundamental to his ongoing success in this very difficult business.  Peter stands apart as one who truly cares about his profession, nurturing new talent, and giving back to his community.  It’s a rare combination in theatre – and the theatre community is much richer for it.


- Patricia ‘Iolana, playwright, author, Professor – University of Glasgow

There is no better teacher anywhere than Peter Spellos.
Also, no one kinder or more fair.


- Suzy Soro, author/comedian (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm)

I especially enjoyed watching Peter handle the younger, less-experienced members of his company. They look up to him and value his experience and theatrical vision.


- Kitty Felde, playwright, NPR Correspondent

Peter is a remarkable teacher who is able to pinpoint what is holding back each of his students without derision, who is able to encourage each person's growth, not just as an artist but as a unique and valid human being, and is able to do it all with a ridiculous sense of humor. He has created an amazingly supportive environment where everyone is allowed to be silly, and brilliant, and often a complete idiot, but never alone to fend for themselves. Peter's class is not about getting one particular scene "right", but about learning the tools to never be wrong.


- Megan Macmanus, actress/screen writer, guest star, AMERICAN DREAMS

"You become better in every way. I have"

Whether it’s a young actor or a seasoned pro, Peter brings out the best in them, always! He’s a funny man and a gifted coach.


- Laura Adler, Casting Director

Thank you for giving me (and so many others) a strong set of improv fundamentals which for my part, has served me well professionally, has made me hear others better, and has clarified for me what kind of people I can stand to spend time with.


- Keith Barany, comedian

Peter has the ability to collaborate with other artists and unlock the spark in them that allows production of work at the highest level. His creativity and imagination are primary ingredients in the quality of his work and his leadership skills, while often original, have produced excellent results.


- Michael Candela, stage and film producer/director

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Peter has coached, guest lectured, taught and/or been on faculty at:


NEW YORK CITY and vicinity

Long Island University/C.W. Post College, Westbeth Theatre Center, New York City Underground Comedy Festival, The New Mercury Theatre Company/NYC, LaughingStock Comedy Company (, First Amendment Improv Company, Who’s on First, The Usual Suspects Improv Company,The Comic Strip, WPLJ-FM



Stella Adler Academy, Universal Studios, The New Mercury Theatre Company/LA, Reel Pros, In The Act, The Actor’s Group, Secret Rose Theatre, Zephyr Theatre, Theatre 6470, The Artists’ Gym



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